imagesEnglish is interesting. Although I learn English more than seven years, but until now I still not really  confident when speak use English. Actually about tree years ago I start to use English again, because I work with foreign people such from England, USA. Every day I try to speak English, I thing that is enough for just  conversation related with our job. For the written, in our organization has translator, so easy  for me when we need to make report we just ask her to translate.

But now, in my new organization, there is foreign so I not use English in conversation. So my English increasingly bad, because I am not practice. For me English is difficult, because the word and pronunciation is different. I ever learn Japanese and Spain, I think is more easy, because the word and pronunciation is same.

How to improve my English? I just read the book or document that use English also try to practice with my friend in the office, also watch the movie with text and I try to understand the conversation the story of the moorvie.

How about you? Please give me ideas  and suggestion to improve my English